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How to be successful on bubblews

Heyy Everyone ! ♥

So today/Night we’ll be talking about patience.. I see most of you complaining about the fact that you can’t make no money and you can’t get no views or whatever Bubblews isn’t here to pay you a chunk of money as you post something.. Its here for you to interact with different people, get to learn about the different ways people see the world…stuff like that…You should write great post so people could view and have a wonderful time reading it 🙂 honestly my first day was rough i was like “i thought i was going to get dollars i’m not a writer i can’t do this” but as time goes by i got the hang of it and here i am still bubbling and make a dollar a day and i’m happy so i think you should do this to get better okay ?

1. You need an audience you need somebody to view, like and comment.. You can do so by following a random amount of persons.

2. Be creative dont copy what someone else has because you came here with your own mind so write whatever comes to your mind and have fun with it.

3. don’t watch your bank too often because the more you see the cents barely moving the more you lose interest and the more you’ll start to be depressed and wondering what your doing wrong… So dont do it

4. View other persons post see what they do to entertain their followers DO NOT COPY sometimes when you read other persons stuff you get an idea of what to post

HOPE this help thanks for reading ! ☺♥

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